Kon Aditya Villa

The concept of more than two thousand square meter beachfront villa was to support European family holidays and propose to its hosts a peaceful retreat facing the ocean and surrounded by Indonesian genuine artifacts, organic private farm and sports facilities. The challenge was to achieve a high degree of quality in a reduced time.

Villa Bajawan

As an expat family of four we need a house, we needed a house that be Fully enclosable, All rooms can be fully AC, but with a largely open living room to the garden, Ecological with Low consumption and insulation features, Dismountable at the end of the lease, Earthquake resistant, Low maintenance, Maximize the size of the garden for a Kids friendly experience.

Villa Papu

Set on 550m² area land this house challenge was trying to set a new residential standard, mixing western layout with Bali lifestyle, 2 storeys for land optimization, Smooth layout flow, Double Height ceiling in Living room, Insulated building for low electricity consumption and comfort, Guest pavilion suite, Large pool and Deck.